Robert O’Mahony has held various roles within the Consumer Tech industry in a diverse career spanning more than 25 years, including leadership roles in Operations & Supply Chain, Customer Quality and Compliance Management. Recognizing early on the negative impact that “business as usual” was having, Robert shifted his focus to finding ways to contribute to a more accountable and sustainable approach in the industry.

Robert currently leads Logitech’s Corporate Sustainability function, with responsibility for driving Logitech’s “Pervasive Sustainability” commitment to deliver on the company’s ambition to help Sustainability become “..a mindful principal infused into everything we do at Logitech”. Over the past decade Robert has overseen this transformation by building and fostering a team with capability, drive and ambition and who are delivering on this broader vision.

Robert advocates for a science-based approach to transformation and sees Logitech committed to climate action efforts focused on 3R’s – Reduce, Renew and Restore. Reduce our carbon footprint by utilising Design for Sustainability (DfS) and Circular Economy solutions in support of the 1.5°C Paris Agreement; Renew our footprint by shifting to 100% renewable electricity throughout our supply chain; and what we are not able to reduce or renew Logitech will Restore through investments in nature based solutions while supporting climate-impacted biodiversity and communities.

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