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Dear @timothy-grant,

the Board of Directors discussed your idea of a student support programme today. Generally, there was good support for the idea! Would you be interested to work with me on the student section of the website that you mention above? I’m happy to help on the technical side of things, if you could point me to resources that we should link to etc. 🙂

Also, the Board welcomed the idea of a more concrete mentoring programme. I’ve started to work a bit on the technical end of this idea. If you now edit your FSLCI profile, there’s a new section specifically asking you, whether you would like to mentor or be mentored. In addition, there’s a new search field on our members page, which lets you then search for members that filled out these new profile fields (so far obviously no one but me, but you can for example search for me and the key word ‘test’ to see how it works… 🙂

I also like the webinar idea, though I guess we might want to take a look at this at a later point in time when we’ve more student members?!

Kind regards,

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