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Dear Philippe,

thanks for your comprehensive feedback. As for the questions, let’s have a look at @Martina’s proposal and see, which of those questions could be closed questions:


  • Which scientific disciplines does your experience cover? -> could be closed, but we would have to come up with a list of scientific disciplines.
  • Which industrial sectors does your expertise and experience cover? -> same as above, would need list of industrial sectors.
  • Please describe your expertise on environmental, technical and social aspects of production systems. -> would rather be an open one
  • Please describe your expertise related to Life Cycle Costing (LCC) -> would rather be an open one
  • Please confirm you knowledge and experience with one or several of the following ISO standards (ISO 14040 and ISO 14044, ISO 14045, ISO 14046, ISO / TS 14067) -> this could be a very straight forward list of checkboxes
  • Please provide references with whom you have worked with: -> would need to be open
  • Please describe your experience with LCA methodology and practice, particularly in the context of LCI (including data set generation and data set review, if applicable) -> would also rather be an open one
  • Please describe your critical review practice -> as I’m not too familiar with critical review, are there different ways that could be categorized? Otherwise this would also be open?!
  • Which languages can you cover as a reviewer, that may have been used for a LC study? -> Easier to make into a list

So, here I think I would need your guidance in terms of how to make a few of these questions closed ones or whether you feel, that the open ones are not needed?

With regards to the review of reviewers, I totally see your point and have thus for the time being deactivated the review system. Coming up with an actual habilitation exam for people doing critical reviews might be tricky for us to accomplish at this point in time, but I like your idea about a charter. This is something that I can see being implemented easier and could indeed add value.

Let’s see what the others think about this.

Kind regards,


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