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Marc-Andree Wolf

Hello Sonia,

many thanks for your check and feedback. Why there are so few reviewers registered? I assume because it was so badly announced (JRC was always good at marketing and external communication ;-)). I found it by accident (saw only Andreas registered that time).

My experience to register was easy. I had however initially only a dummy account without relevant info and have only very recently filled it all in. I got then quickly a confirmation mail (they check the entries apparently for vandalism or similar, but there is no other control). I have not been contacted based on this registry since then (at least not that I would know). I do review jobs currently, but not sure how I was identified, possibly via previous contacts.

The scope of the reviewer registry is global as well, so we would not realy add anything/much. Of course can we just ignore it and build essentially the same and announce it widely, but that does not look like a very efficient use of our resources. I think we should be more complementary, especially if an existing activity is open, non-commercial, neutral etc.

The Research group Directory that we offer is more complementary, even though there is the long-term established and much more widely used and know LCA Resources Directory at the JRC that I had developed that time and that is still active (and where the reviewer registry is actually a new subpoint), but that one is about service providers, data and software. At the same time, should we in general aim more at the LCA practitioners in companies, I think, to avoid the wrong external impression that we are geared towards researchers. But this is already a different topic.

Best wishes,


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