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Dear Mark,

thanks for your feedback. I looked at the directory and found it to be a bit hidden and not very appealing from a UI perspective. From a resource investment point of view it would be very easy for us to realize such a directory, as it technically would simply be referenced to your actual user profile – and then you could make elements of your profile visible for either the public, our members etc. Hence we’re talking about literally a day of my time to make this happen.

The other question is of course if we should recreated something that is already out there. While I’m generally in favor of collaborating instead of recreating, in this case I would lean towards doing it anyhow. After all, as Sonia highlights, we want to be the ones doing active outreach and become the place for people to find general information as well as experts and thus I would regard such a directory a valuable addition to what we’re currently offering.

Still, I think you’ve a valuable point and thus I will put the question as to whether or not we should move forward with this idea on the agenda of the next meeting of our Board of Directors later this month.  🙂

Kind regards,


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