• Full Time
  • Luxembourg
  • November 30, 2023
  • Job Reference Number: E-2411

Website Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

You will join the Environmental Sustainability Assessment and Circularity (SUSTAIN) Unit of ERIN. SUSTAIN develops knowledge, transferable (software) technologies, practical methods and outreach activities for the simulation and comprehensive sustainability assessment of societal systems. Its final purpose is to foster sustainable eco-innovation, through products and technologies, as well as support sustainability-oriented policy implementation and behavioural change to promote decarbonisation transitions.

Within the SUSTAIN Unit, you will be incorporated in the Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis (LCSA) research group. The group consists of ca. 25 researchers with a broad range of expertise and diverse cultural backgrounds, and united by the common purpose of supporting the sustainability transition. The group develops sustainability metrics and indicators, to assess the environmental and social impacts of products, technologies, territories and policies, for both industrial organisations and policy makers.

The triple planetary crisis (climate change, pollution & biodiversity loss) is spurring us to consider and evaluate biobased systems and products. For this PhD position, the focus is on certain biofuel and food alternatives. These still have considerable impacts on the environment and their respective environmental impacts should be better estimated, to guide decision-making. Hereto life cycle methods shall be improved and applied. More precisely, in this PhD project, the first goal is to further develop life cycle methods with regard to dynamic modelling over time of their inventories and impact, e.g. CO2 flows are spread over time for biobased systems, and finetune consequential modelling, in particular land use modelling and competition between food and fuel for these. The second overall aim of your PhD is to apply the developed methodologies to two cases, one on a novel biofuel, and one on legumes, taking into account as well their competition for land. In practice, during the course of your PhD, you will be working on various projects funded in the framework of Horizon Europe.

For this position, we are thus looking for a motivated PhD student, especially with good organizational skills given the involvement in several projects.

To apply for this job please visit app.skeeled.com.

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