Development of an Ecosystem Services – Life Cycle Assessment (ES-LCA) Framework of Brownfield Remediation Sustainability Assessment

Khaled Alshehri
Sustainability assessment of brownfield remediation alternatives is often performed with the standard LCA practice [1] . The standard LCA practice quantifies the environmental loads over the life cycle of a...

Life cycle trade-offs of pulp and bioenergy integration in tissue paper mills

Ricardo Luís Carvalho
Globally, the use of tissue products such as toilet paper has been growing. Tissue production is energy intensive usually using energy from the electric grid and fossil fuels for thermal...

Scenarios for Ecodesign in loudspeaker’s

Allan Almeida
The worldwide loudspeaker market follows the growing tendency of electronic entertainment technologies both in quantity and variety. Consequently, the environmental impacts caused during the life cycle of loudspeakers increase in...

EVAMED. Developing a tool for the environmental assessment of buildings with a life cycle approach in the Latin American context.

Arvizu-Piña Víctor Alberto
Although LCA is a widely recognized methodology for evaluating, rethinking processes and eventually improving the energy and environmental performance of products and services, its application in the buildings sector is...

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