Sustainability in the ITALGRANITY business model: first an organizational certification (ISO 14001/EMAS) then a product certification (EPD) and another organizational step (Sustainability Budget)

Main Presenter: Francesco Baldoni 

Co-Authors: Valeria Bettini Luca Minucci

Session: Poster Session 2

Italgraniti SpA has always been committed to safeguarding environmental resources and protecting workers in terms of health, safety and the environment. Italgraniti Group shares the commitment and responsibility for the protection of the environmental resources of the territory: production and industrial choices are made in full compliance with the criteria for an eco-sustainable system.
The company has been particularly concerned with the consumption of energy and natural resources, the production of emissions into the atmosphere, the production of waste, noise pollution and industrial water discharges. Italgraniti Group operates in accordance with the environmental regulations of the EMAS-ISO 14001 certification, obtained for more than 10 years. The European EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certification measures and controls the reduced environmental impact of production sites, through an environmental digestion system based on strict parameters.
In 2021, it wanted to implement the project of environmental product certification, as per the EPD scheme, applied to tile production: now, having achieved certification, it has been clarified that the greatest impacts are related to raw materials’s production phase. This is why a progressive action is being taken to involve suppliers of components with greater environmental impact.
To start this phase of work, we started to include the purchasers of some particular raw material, first of all the fluidifiers.
Subsequently, all this information, objectively verifiable, will be included and appropriately described in the Sustainability Report.

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