Combining two worlds – our plan for a hybrid conference

Instead of simply making existing program elements available also for virtual conference participants, during LCIC 2022 we will plan to create a program with combined but also dedicated elements for our physical and virtual participants, so as to ensure a highly interactive and unique conference experience for both!

While our program will start in the European morning for physical conference participants, our virtual program will take place mostly in the European afternoon, thereby allowing participants from all over the world to join us, as outlined below in our draft schedule. Program elements highlighted as “hybrid” such as our sessions, keynote and panels will be available for everyone, while workshops and barcamps will only be available for either physical or virtual conference participants.

Draft Schedule for Day 2 of LCIC 2022

TokyoNew YorkBerlinTrack ATrack D (virtual)
16:0003:0009:00Workshop 4
17:0004:0010:00Workshop 6
18:0005:0011:00Coffee Break
18:3005:3011:30Session 6 | HybridSession 6 | Hybrid
19:3006:3012:30Lunch BreakVirtual Booth Visit
20:3007:3013:30Keynote 2 | HybridKeynote 2 | Hybrid
21:0008:0014:00Short Panel 2 | HybridShort Panel 2 | Hybrid
21:3008:3014:30Session 8 | HybridVirtual Workshop 3
22:3009:3015:30Coffee BreakVirtual Booth Visit
23:0010:0016:00Session 10 | HybridVirtual Barcamp 2
00:0011:0017:00Session 12 | HybridVirtual Barcamp 3
01:0012:0018:00End of Day

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If you would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to send us a message. Thank you very much in advance.

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