Aligning corporate and product-level carbon footprinting to develop a climate transition pathway (CTP) for aluminium packaging at Ball Corporation

Main Presenter:    Sophie Parsons 


Aluminium packaging forms a key role in our transition towards a low-carbon economy. Its infinite recyclability and comparatively high recycling rate make it an important part of a more resource-efficient and circular society. However, the production of primary aluminium remains energy intensive and requires significant decarbonisation. At Ball, almost 75% of our total organisational carbon footprint comes from the aluminium we purchase. This means that in order for us to reduce our climate impact we must understand our value chain and key levers for decarbonisation. In 2023 we published our first detailed climate transition plan (CTP) showing exactly how we can reach our Science-Based Target (SBTi) aligned carbon emissions reduction by 2030 and beyond. The key levers for decarbonisation we identified were to improve aluminium circularity (secondary production has a fraction of the impact of even the lowest carbon-intensity aluminium), decarbonisation within the primary aluminium
production process (particularly smelting), rolling mill decarbonisation, along with Ball-specific levers such as renewable energy use across all our manufacturing sites.

The process for developing our CTP has led us to reflect on how we manage our product-level life cycle assessment (LCA) and our corporate-level Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting – as we work with customers to explore what our CTP means for their products. This means ensuring alignment on scope, supply chain data, allocation (particularly end-of-life), and internal data management.

This presentation details the opportunities, challenges and solutions we have encountered aligning top-down and bottom-up approaches, improving granularity of our supply chain data and transferring this through to what our customer’s product carbon footprint (PCF) is now and what it is projected to be in 2030.

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