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If you come accross the reporting 3.0 webinar and would like to get involved. Leave a comment here or send a message to Martina Prox. You may also consider to join the reportign 3.0 conferens in Rooterdam, just one week before the Circular Economy Barcam in Berlin. FSLCI members can...

Hi Mohamed, in a Barcamp Format the topics are brought from the participants to the event. So it will depend who joins the event in Berlin, which sessions are offered. The Barcamp format is easy to apply and you could consider to organize a barcamp in Egypt and get...

Thanks everybody for joining the Webinar Global Standards taking a Life Cycle Perspective! If you would like learn more about ifu Hamburg now being a member of the iPoint group, I would like to invite you to join the webinar on February 28th, when the CEO of iPoint and...

On LinkedIn I received an additional question on the webinar: “Companies often change structures by buying or selling. Does that mean impacts of company A can be easily “reduced” if they simply restructure their business? O-LCA may not reflect this? ” so I would like to share my answer with all...

Applications from Asia, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America and the Carribbean are welcome. Free access tto LCA software like Umberto, GaBi, Simapro, and databases like ecoinvent or GaBi databases are granted for the one year implementation.

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