The Journal of Industrial Ecology invites you to submit articles for a special issue on the Life Cycle Assessment of Emerging Technologies. Deadline is 1 September,2018.

Implementing LCA on emerging technologies helps research and development (R&D) groups, planners, and policy-makers look ahead and identify environmental and resource implications, potential liabilities, and other unanticipated consequences of products and technologies early in innovation. Decisions taken in the early design and development period of the technology usually have far reaching influences in the future. Therefore, making LCA evaluations in this stage is essential. Knowing this, the journal of the International Society for Industrial Ecology, an international peer-reviewed bimonthly, owned by Yale University, is preparing a special edition on the application of LCA to emerging technologies with relevance to the diverse audiences: academics, policymakers, business people and environmental advocates.

The issue’s scope explicitly spans the entire spectrum of methodological issues that deals with the application of LCA to emerging technologies. Topics of the submissions should include:

  • Emerging LCA methods for emerging technologies and related governance.
  • Integration of life cycle assessment and techno-economic assessment, market dynamics, technology landscapes and experience curves.
  • Novel scenario analysis and case studies, particularly those that go beyond application of LCA to an emerging technology by incorporating novel methodological aspects.

Submissions should be written considering that the readers are from diverse backgrounds and professions.  Articles from technical specialists should make the implications of their research accessible to non-specialists. Ancillary data relevant to articles can be posted on the journal’s web site in the form of supporting information. Reviews of relevant recent books and reports, including policy studies, are also sought to enrich the special issue.

Submissions should be original, previously unpublished, in English, and between 3,500 and 6,000 words in length excluding references and tables. Submission implies that the manuscript has not been submitted for publication elsewhere and that it will not be submitted elsewhere while the review process is underway. Papers should be submitted electronically via ScholarOne at, indicating that they are intended for the special issue on “LCA of emerging technologies.”

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