Non Profit Area

In 2018, the main revenue in the non-profit area of activities derived from membership fees, which amounted to: 15,362.00€. Additional revenue of 21,45€ was provided through donations, generating an overall revenue of 15.383,45€. The total sum of expenses amounted to 19.521,53 € thus leaving a negative balance of  -4138,08€.

Expenses in 2018 in €

Income in 2018 in €

Purpose Driven Area

In the purpose driven economic area the main revenue derived from workshop sponsoring as well as participation fees for our summer school and Life Cycle Innovation Conference and amounted to a total of: 100.905,41€. The total sum of expenses amounted to 85.104,92€, thus leaving a positive balance of 15.800,49€.

In addition, in the purely economic area, sponsorship funds over 9.520,00€ were received.

Expenses in 2018 in €

Income in 2018 in €

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