Below we are providing an overview of various multi-stakeholder projects that seek to advance the research and scientific basis or application of LCA. If you would like to add a project to our library, you can submit an entry here.


The project, funded by the EU and coordinated by Aalborg University, aims to align life cycle assessment methods and bio-based sectors for improved environmental performance.


CALIMERO is a European Project whose goal is to create a common framework for the LCA methodologies of certain bio-based industries’ sectors to identify the main sources of pollutants and analyzing potential solutions.


Ecofact is EU-funded project providing a high-level platform in a multi-service approach based on improved dynamic LCA and LCCA towards manufacturing sustainability.


The EU-funded project aims to optimise bio-based fertilisers (BBF) in agriculture by, among others, performing a comparative life cycle assessment (LCA).


The EU-funded project aims to mainstream sustainable buildings in Europe through greater awareness and use of the indicators within the Level(s) framework to address life cycle environmental performance of buildings.


The project aims to integrate potential environmental impacts of marine litter, especially plastic, in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results.


The EU-funded project aims to create opportunities for a transition to a circular economy in the fisheries sector in the Atlantic region.


ORIENTING is a EU-funded research project to develop an operational methodology for product Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment


The goal of the EU-funded SH2E project is to draw up specific guidelines for environmental, life-cycle cost and social life-cycle assessment analyses for benchmarking fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

TranSensus LCA

TranSensus LCA is a EU-funded project on the harmonization of a transport-specific Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) for zero-emission verhicles.

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