“Life cycle approaches for the implementation of regional climate and circularity objectives”

This year’s Life Cycle Summer School 2022 (LCSS 2022), the 11th in the series under the broader program “Life Cycle Approaches to Sustainable Regional Development” took place from 25. – 28. August 2022 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

During the Summer School the focus was on identifying ways how life cycle methodologies can contribute to achieving the objectives of major global climate agreements and other sustainability issues on a regional level through a focus on prevention, circularity and adaptation.

Climate change is the single greatest sustainability challenge that we are currently facing and thus needs to be addressed urgently on all levels of society, as recently again highlighted by the 6th Assessment Report of the the IPCC. Regions play a key role in shaping the transition into a carbon neutral world, be it for example through their public purchasing policies, their energy and heating infrastructure or their mobility plans. While managing the transition, taking a life cycle perspective is key and thus during LCSS 2022 we will also look at how a circular economy can be applied to achieve climate goals.

LCSS 2022 brought together a diverse group of participants from all over the world in Gothenburg, Sweden, where the Summer School was hosted at the offices of IVL, which supported LCSS 2022 this year not only by hosting it, but also with lots of expertise from local staff!

Over 4 days LCSS 2022 combined lectures with group workshops along an intense program that sought to expose participants to a brought array of insights on the subjects discussed. Some participants also opted to present their own projects and thus contributed to the program themselves.

All in all the Summer School was a huge success and we would like to thank our amazing participants for their energy and engagement over the four days as well as our awesome line-up of speakers: Fritz Balkau, Tomas Rydberg, Leonardo Rosado, Mark Radka, Naeem Adibi, Jesper Blomqvist, Tomas Ekvall, Åsa Nyblom, Anders Roth, Kenneth Möllersten, Sven-Olof Ryding, Guido Sonnemann, Mathias Gustavsson and Alberto Bezama!

Below you can check out some impressions from our time in Gothenburg:

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