You’ve been working with Life Cycle-based approaches, you’ve dealt with data coming from Life Cycle Assessments, you’ve always thought that you’re part of a bigger community but couldn’t really pinpoint it? Now you’ve found your home! Meet the brand new Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation!
The first and only global organization that is conceived by the Life Cycle Community*, for the Life Cycle Community.

*Life Cycle Community is understood here as a community of professionals working in business, science and policy organisations who actively promote the use of life cycle approaches and information.

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A sustainable global society where Life Cycle approaches are established and decision makers have fully integrated them into their regular decision making processes.


Bring the Life Cycle Community together, sharing information and insights/learnings and facilitate stakeholder outreach worldwide.

Strengthen links between decision makers in business and government and Life Cycle professionals in research, higher education, consultancy and industry.

Enabling our members to globally advocate for Life Cycle thinking with business leaders, policy makers and consumers.

Become the global reference for stakeholder outreach on Life Cycle information for both the expert and user community, and the general public.

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Be the global voice of the Life Cycle community to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society by promoting global, systematic and effective application of Life Cycle Innovation.

Our Organisational Members

Become Part of Our Community!

Join the FSLCI and our more than 100 members now! Become part of the global life cycle community and connect with likeminded professionals around the world. Help us build the community you want. Collaborate and co-create!


Serving the community

The FSLCI is first and foremost a community organization that is meant to serve its members and the global life cycle community. As such it will work with national life cycle networks to enhance coordination on the global level, it will offer operational assistance to conference organisers and provide a jobs portal and a speakers and experts directory for the community.


The FSLCI will have a strong advocacy role to influence decisions in businesses and governments at the global, regional, national and sub-national level. Most importantly, we will support and empower our members as ambassadors to speak on behalf of the community and exert more influence in decision-making processes. We will also inform the broader public for example by developing relevant stories with opinion leader magazines or materials on life cycle thinking for schools.


By backing Life Cycle capacity building activities globally, the FSLCI will support – in a pre-competitive fashion – market extension and expand the demand for more sustainable products, processes and organizations across our society, and how life cycle information contributes. The FSLCI will also provide practical advice to decision-makers around the world to help them identify which quantitative or qualitative tools and information are most appropriate to make different types of decisions.


Conference Management

A global conference-management service that coordinates and interlinks with existing Life Cycle related conferences to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Online Platform

A global online information platform targeted at Life Cycle professionals, users and non-scientific audiences, initially focusing on Life Cycle Management and sustainable value creation.

Interactive Map

A multi-layered interactive map for identifying, ranking and contacting speakers and experts for specific topics in specific regions, maintaining information on presentations, inspiring cases and experiences and more.

Trainings & Workshops

Global high-level training and coaching workshops for business and industry and policy makers in developed and developing countries to raise awareness of the value of Life Cycle approaches; hence increasing the demand.

Building Partnerships

Partnership facilitation through linking the community’s activities with those of universities and businesses to identify opportunities to develop and apply Life Cycle based approaches collaboratively.


The publication of articles related to Life Cycle Management and related approaches through the establishment of a close link to relevant scientific journals and publications such as the International Journal for Life Cycle Assessment.

Increase Visibility

Building relationships with global opinion leaders and highly visible public figures to advocate the use of Life Cycle approaches for sustainable innovation to inform strategy, policy and informed decision making.

Jobs Portal

A jobs portal for professionals looking to work in the life cycle space.



If you would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to send us a message. Thank you very much in advance.


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