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Martina Prox

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My passion for LCA and Life Cycle Thinking started mid of the 1990s when I joined ifu – The Hamburg Institute for Environmental IT ( Between 2005 and 2010 I worked part-time at the Centre for Sustainability Management at Leuphana University, broadening my knowledge in corporate sustainability management and extending my global network of dedicated sustainibility changemakers with a focus on Latin America. Today, I’m a partner at ifu responsible for strategy and collaboration. I also contribute as a German delegate to the development of international standards of the ISO 14 000 series including, ISO 14051, ISO/TS 14067, ISO/TS 14071, ISO/TS 14072 etc.
Since 2015 I’ve been serving as the president of the FSLCI board of directors. It’s great to see how the Life Cycle Community is coming together here.
Beginning of 2017, the FSLCI started a partnership with the Reporting 3.0 platform ( So currently my role is to identify how the life cycle community is already or will be contributing to context based sustainability reporting.


LCA, LCM, Carbon Footprinting, Material Flow Cost Accounting, LCA Software Umberto, Sankey Diagramm Tool e!Sankey, Training, Capacity Building


ifu Hamburg Institute for Environmental IT









Subject area?

I would be most interested to work with mentees doing a not too technical research, life cycle information, communication, life cycle management, but also topics which require to work inter- and transdisplinary like life cycle costing or monetization of environmental impacts are interesting.

I would also see as part of my role to point a mentee to the technical experts, recommend and create links to other professionals, both academics and practicioners.

As I have been a mentor before I unterstand a mentoring process as a mutual learning experience.

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ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14045, ISO 14046, ISO / TS 14067

Which languages can you cover as a reviewer, that may have been used for a LC study?

English, German, Spanish

Do you commit to undertaking critical reviews in line with the provision laid out in the FSLCI Critical Review Charter?