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Speakers for this event

  • Amir Safaei

    Amir Safaei

    Manager for Natural Climate Solutions supply @ WBCSD

    Amir Safaei is currently works at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) as the Manager for Natural Climate Solutions supply. Before joining WBCSD in 2020 he worked as an international project manager at ecoinvent. With background in industrial engineering, he holds an MBA, and has obtained his PhD in the field of Sustainability and life cycle assessment from Massachusetts institute of Technology in USA and Coimbra in Portugal.

    Manager for Natural Climate Solutions supply @ WBCSD

  • Dr. Ashok Menon

    Dr. Ashok Menon

    Global Leader, Sustainability Analytics & Operations @ SABIC

    Ashok Menon leads the Global efforts for LCA, Sustainability Analytics, and Reporting Strategy for SABIC. His responsibilities include leading global COE of Life Cycle Assessments. His team enables SABIC’s carbon price strategy, Climate roadmaps, validating sustainability-related marketing claims, building a sustainable technology pipeline, and Circular Economy initiatives by instilling life cycle thinking and related assessment methodology. He is also responsible for coordinating the Sustainability Annual report and setting an ESG roadmap.

    Global Leader, Sustainability Analytics & Operations @ SABIC

  • Dr. Axel Michaelowa

    Dr. Axel Michaelowa

    Head of Research of International Climate Policy @ University of Zurich

    Axel Michaelowa holds a PhD in Economics and has worked on international climate policy instruments and the UNFCCC process since 1994. From 1999 to 2006, he was head of the Research Programme ”International Climate Policy” at the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWA). Since 2007 he is leading a research group on climate policy at the University of Zurich`s Institute of Political Science.

    Axel is president of the Zurich Carbon Market Association. He is member of the board of Climate Strategies and the constituency of Research and Independent NGOs observing the UNFCCC negotiations. Axel was lead author on international mitigation policies in the 4th and 5th IPCC Assessment Reports between 2006 and 2013. He served on the CDM Registration and Issuance Team for the CDM Executive Board between 2006-2013 and evaluated over 175 CDM projects. He serves on the editorial boards of the peer reviewed journals “Climate Policy”, “Climate and Development” and “Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management”.

    Thanks to his extensive work experience, Axel Michaelowa is one of the leading experts in the field of international climate policies, market mechanism design and the UNFCCC process and has over 400 academic publications on these issues. Axel has participated in UNFCCC negotiations since COP 1 in 1995 and provided related support to the governments of Mexico, Morocco, Qatar and the UAE, as well as done capacity building in over 30 developing countries, ranging from Algeria to Yemen, with a focus in the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia. He has worked on national mitigation strategies in Algeria, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mexico, Peru, Sudan, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Uzbekistan and Vietnam, as well as on 10 approved baseline methodologies under the CDM, focusing on energy efficiency, waste, transport and the cement sector.

    URL https://www.perspectives.cc/team/curriculum-vitae/?no_cache=1&tx_pccprojects_plugin%5Buid%5D=1&tx_pccprojects_plugin%5Baction%5D=show&tx_pccprojects_plugin%5Bcontroller%5D=Member

    Head of Research of International Climate Policy @ University of Zurich

  • Prof. Guido Sonnemann

    Prof. Guido Sonnemann

    Professor of Chemistry @ Université de Bordeaux

    Prof. Guido Sonnemann undertakes teaching and research in the field of life cycle approaches for sustainable chemistry and materials management at the University of Bordeaux, France, where he heads the Life Cycle Group CyVi at the Institute of Molecular Sciences. He has a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Rovira and Virgili, Spain, after training in environmental chemistry and engineering in France and Germany.  After a time as consultant, he worked for ten years from 2002 to 2012 on various aspects of life cycle and integrated resource management in the United Nations Environment Programme in Paris, at the end as scientific focal point for the Resource Efficiency sub-programme.  He has published more than hundred journal papers, book chapters and professional reports. He is a co-editor of recent books on Life Cycle Management and on Life Cycle Approaches to Sustainable Regional Development.

    Professor of Chemistry @ Université de Bordeaux

  • Robert O Mahony

    Robert O Mahony

    Head of Sustainability - Global Operations, Logitech

    Robert O’Mahony has held various roles within the Consumer Tech industry in a diverse career spanning more than 25 years, including leadership roles in Operations & Supply Chain, Customer Quality and Compliance Management. Recognizing early on the negative impact that “business as usual” was having, Robert shifted his focus to finding ways to contribute to a more accountable and sustainable approach in the industry.

    Robert currently leads Logitech’s Corporate Sustainability function, with responsibility for driving Logitech’s “Pervasive Sustainability” commitment to deliver on the company’s ambition to help Sustainability become “..a mindful principal infused into everything we do at Logitech”. Over the past decade Robert has overseen this transformation by building and fostering a team with capability, drive and ambition and who are delivering on this broader vision.

    Robert advocates for a science-based approach to transformation and sees Logitech committed to climate action efforts focused on 3R’s – Reduce, Renew and Restore. Reduce our carbon footprint by utilising Design for Sustainability (DfS) and Circular Economy solutions in support of the 1.5°C Paris Agreement; Renew our footprint by shifting to 100% renewable electricity throughout our supply chain; and what we are not able to reduce or renew Logitech will Restore through investments in nature based solutions while supporting climate-impacted biodiversity and communities.

    Head of Sustainability - Global Operations, Logitech

  • Sabine Gores

    Sabine Gores

    Senior Researcher Energy & Climate @ Oeko Institute

    Sabine Gores studied Energy and Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin. She works as a Senior Researcher at Oeko-Institut for the Energy and Climate Division in the field of policies and measures for the reduction of greenhouse gases and for the efficient use of energy. She has extensive experience in the calculation and analysis of GHG emissions and in the analysis of energy and climate projections of Germany and EU Member States, including the discussion of achievement of energy and climate targets and accounting issues. In these fields she works for the German Ministry of Environment Protection, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the German Federal Environment Agency and for the EEA as task manager in various tasks for the European Topic Centre on Climate Change Mitigation and Energy (ETC/ CME) (e.g. for the “Trends and Projection Report” and the “Trends and Projection Report in the EU ETS”).

    She supports the German Ministry of Environment Protection, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in all issues related to MMR and Governance reporting in the project “Scientific analyzes on the implementation and further development of the EU climate protection framework by 2030”.

    In various contexts she works on definition and design of European and national GHG targets. She leads the project on “Achieving of targets and ambition raising with EU climate protection legislation in medium (2030) as well as in the long term (2050+) perspective” for the BMU. For the European Commission she works on the analysis of National Energy and Climate Targets and national Longterm Strategies.

    Additional fields of expertise are the quantification of GHG emissions from different sources (aviation emissions, cogeneration process emissions and F-gas use) and the analysis of policies and measures for their reduction. For the BMWI she is involved in the evaluation of the Cogeneration Law.

    URL https://www.oeko.de/en/the-institute/staff/team-detail/sabine-gores

    Senior Researcher Energy & Climate @ Oeko Institute

Event Details

Climate change is the number one sustainability topic that needs to be addressed now to ensure that future generations do not suffer the consequences from today’s inaction. Global agreements like the Paris Agreement and youth movements like Friday’s for Future exert pressure on politicians and businesses alike to put meaningful actions in place. As a result, countries and companies are challenged to determine their respective emissions and reduce them as fast and as much as possible.

During our 1st Sustainability Insights event under the theme “With Carbon Transparency towards Net Zero” we are going to discuss how climate emissions are assessed, what companies and businesses are doing to “get to net zero” and how the future of the Carbon Development Mechanism (CDM) will look like post-Kyoto.

After an initial round of insights by a number of experts on the subject, we will be breaking into group discussions and expect you to become an active contributor to our event by sharing your insights or asking questions!

Check out our agenda now and get your ticket to join us at the end of June!

About Sustainability Insights

With our virtual Sustainability Insights event series we put a spotlight on sustainability topics that are of relevance to the life cycle community. Each event combines a set of interesting speakers who share their knowledge and insights together with space for interactive discussions. As such, the event series aims to making participants active contributors to the event rather than consumers of information.

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We have decided to make our event free-of-charge with a donation option. After all, our focus is on spreading information around the world and making it as accessible as possible. Having said that, as a small non-profit organization we rely on contributions from our members and donations from supporters to continue spreading life cycle thinking around the world. Hence we would highly appreciate, if you were to consider donating as much as you feel reasonable to participate in our event!


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Virtual Event Details

Event has already taken place!


    • june 30, 2021
    • 2:30pm Welcome and Setting the Scene2:30pm- 2:45pm
      Prof. Guido Sonnemann will welcome participants to the event and provide a bit of context to start the event.
      Speakers: Guido Sonnemann
    • 2:45pm Insights by Experts2:45pm- 4:00pm
      During this part of the event our speakers will provide a number of insights on the following topics:

      Ashok Menon – SABIC | Road to carbon neutrality through the lens of a chemical industry

      Robert O’Mahony – Logitech | Carbon transparency - a catalyst for designing differently

      Amir Safaei – WBCSD | Value Chain Carbon Transparency Partnership; accelerating decarbonization by increasing Scope 3 emissions transparency across value chains

      Axel Michaelowa – University of Zurich | Transition of the CDM into Article 6 – a crunch issue in the climate negotiations

      Sabine Gores – Öko Institut | GHG target setting and accounting for the EU
      Speakers: Amir Safaei, Dr. Ashok Menon, Dr. Axel Michaelowa, Robert O Mahony, Sabine Gores
    • 4:00pm Virtual Coffee Break | Get to know the FSLCI - Q&A4:00pm- 4:15pm
      Virtual coffee and bio break | Get to know the FSLCI - Q&A
    • 4:15pm Short Panel Discussion: How do we get to carbon neutrality?4:15pm- 5:00pm
      A short panel discussion with our speakers around the overall question, how to get to carbon neutrality.
      Speakers: Amir Safaei, Dr. Ashok Menon, Dr. Axel Michaelowa, Robert O'Mahony, Sabine Gores
    • 5:00pm Break out Group Sessions5:00pm- 6:00pm
      Depending on the interest, we will form up to three break out groups to discuss carbon neutrality from a product, corporate or regional perspective.
    • 6:00pm Group Discussion Summaries & Wrap up6:00pm- 6:30pm
      Groups are asked to present the results of the discussion and key conclusions are developed

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