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      Dear *|FNAME|*,

      We hope we find you well. Today we would like to wish you enjoyable holidays and all the best for the new year to come. For us, this year has been mainly about getting the FSLCI up and running and in this regard we would like to thank you very much for joining us.

      Ever since we’ve gone public back in May this year, we’ve focussed on making the case for the FSLCI and why we feel that our community needs to put a stronger focus on communication and collaboration. To this end we’re really happy that we’ve managed to win nearly 100 members over the past few months and have signed partnership agreements with a lot of national networks.

      For 2016, our focus will be on engaging more with you, our members. We plan to enhance our services for you (e.g. through webinars, more FSLCI events etc.) in our effort to serve the community. We also want to use our collective power to develop strong and clear messages that we can use to accelerate the uptake of life cycle information. And we would like to start developing concrete projects that will help us to enable our mission. 2016 will be an exciting year with lots of interesting opportunities for us and the life cycle community as a whole.

      As such, we look forward to working with you on making our and your ideas happening. But before that, we wish you a relaxed and joyful time with your loved ones!

      Kind regards,
      Jim, Guido and Philip

      1. Results of the Extraordinary General Assembly
      2. FSLCI @ ALCAS Conference Series
      3. FSLCI Community Principles
      4. New Partnership with Associazione Rete Italiana LCA

      Results of the Extraordinary General Assembly

      We would like to thank all of you who participated in the last extraordinary General Assembly. We’re happy to inform you that it was decided that the number of seats allocated to the Board of Directors has been changed to six. As such the current Board of Directors remains fully operational. Additional seats will be able to be allocated during the next General Assembly in Q3 of 2016.

      FSLCI @ ALCAS Conference Series


      The last conference this year brought us to Australia. From the 23rd – 27th of November our friends from ALCAS hosted their 2015 Conference Series. As part of the conference series the AgriFoodLCA, LCM Australia and AusBuildLCA took place in Melbourne.
      The FSLCI was represented by our Board Member Jodie Bricout and our CFOO Philip Strothmann, who gave a keynote on the FSLCI and a presentation around communication and collaboration. If you like, you can check out the recording of his presentation here:

      FSLCI Community Principles


      As explained in our last newsletter, as part of our effort to streamline communication around life cycle topics, a number of FSLCI members have jointly developed an initial draft for “Key Principles for Promoting Life Cycle Approaches”. During the last call of the Board of Directors it was decided to open the current draft of the principles for public consultation. As such you can find them now also in the publicly accessible part of our website here: https://fslci.org/key-principles-for-promoting-life-cycle-approaches/

      New Partnership with Associazione Rete Italiana LCA


      We are happy to inform you that we have recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with Associazione Rete Italiana LCA. Associazione Rete Italiana LCA is the Italian LCA network which brings together Italian LCA professionals to promote life cycle thinking in Italy.

      Follow us also on






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