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      Dear all,

      As you might have noticed, we have recently revised our landing page for non-members to enhance both, the visibility of information such as news and events, but also to make you – our members a bit more visible (click on the tab vision, mission & members). In this context, we are also changing our policy with regards to the visibility of our members!

      This is mainly due to two reasons:

      1. As a global community organization, our ability to convene the global life cycle community is directly linked to our members – you. Only if we manage to grow our community, we will also be able to introduce new services, launch new features for you and – most importantly, become credible and big enough to actually and truly have an influence on decision-making processes around the world. In this sense we hope that by enabling people to see who’s already part of our community, your colleagues and friends will also join us!
      2. As you might have seen, we have recently added quite a number of new fields to our member profiles. This includes fields such as a field to link to your LinkedIn profile or list your publications. But more importantly, we are currently developing new features which require that our members can decide, whether they want to have a public profile, or not. One such example is the Directory of Critical Reviewers, which can be discussed in more detail here.

      Now, of course we are aware that not everyone wants to be listed publicly. That’s why we have also introduced a whole new level of privacy settings. These allow you to decide, whether you as a member actually want to be listed in our members directory and which fields on your profile you want to make visible for whom. In other words, you remain completely in control, in terms of what is visible to whom!

      We will launch a new campaign to win new members by the beginning of July. As part of this campaign, we will also promote the members map which is part of our members directory. To this end it is important to note that by the time that we go public with our members directory, your name, profile picture and location (city & country) will be visible to everyone – unless you change that setting yourself over the next two weeks!

      However, access to your actual member profile will remain to be restricted to FSLCI members – unless you change that! If you would like to see how public profiles look in comparison to those accessible to you as a FSLCI member, please compare my profile https://fslci.org/members/philip-strothmann/ when you are logged in, and when you are logged out. You will see that while my profile is public, a lot of fields are only visible to you when you are logged in.

      In this context, taking especially also our first argument into account, we would like to encourage you to also update your profile and make at least parts of it visible! We are convinced that it will help you to better connect to your colleagues around the world!

      Finally, we will discuss all these changes in detail during our forthcoming FSLCI Member Updates webinar: https://fslci.org/fslci-events/ Register for it now!

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