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      Stephan Krinke is resigning from the Board of Directors | Creation of a new Business Advisory & Outreach Committee | FSLCI Presence in Vancouver at the LCA XV Conference.
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      Dear *|FNAME|*,

      I hope I find you well. I am writing you today to inform you, that the Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of fellow Board member Stephan Krinke, who had been voted into office during the last General Assembly that took place on the 2nd of September in Bordeaux.

      Stephan Krinke offered his resignation shortly after news broke that his company, Volkswagen, has become the center of a big sustainability scandal. As he put it himself: „The main pillar of sustainability is trust, credibility and transparency. As a consequence of my own sustainability principles I decided to offer the Board of Directors my resignation as a member within the Board of Directors of the FSLCI. I am not personally involved in that scandal, but I represent Volkswagen within the FSLCI and I do not want to damage the brand image of the FSLCI initiative.”

      Over the past few days the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee have discussed intensively, whether or not to accept his offer to resign. The Board of Directors decided today to accept his resignation in view of the FSLCI’s need for a Board of Directors that can throw its collective weight and credibility behind our efforts to reach out to other stakeholders to promote sustainability through life cycle innovation.

      The members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee would like to note, that we highly appreciate Stephan’s offer to resign as a way to reduce the implications of the Volkswagen scandal for the FSLCI. We would also like to stress that we fully trust in Stephan’s integrity and credibility and look forward to continue working with him as a supporting member of the FSLCI in going forward. We also wish him all the best in helping Volkswagen return to a path of sustainability leadership.

      In addition to this unfortunate development, we would also like to inform you that the Board of Directors has decided to create another Committee to better structure our work. The new Business Advisory and Outreach Committee has been created with the following objectives:

      • Convene those who would like to bring their company on board
      • Develop strategic advise for the Executive Committee on how to approach industry stakeholders
      • Develop strategic advise for the Executive Committee on what kind of projects/programs could be of interest to business stakeholders

      As such we would like to kindly invite members of the FSLCI with an industry background to join this Committee. If you’re interested in joining, please get in touch with me or any other member of the Board or Executive Committee.

      Finally I would like to inform you that Anne-Marie, Philip and myself will be in Vancouver at the LCA XV Conference over the next few days. FSLCI has a booth and we are organizing a little info-session on Wednesday morning starting at 7:30am in room 2413. Breakfast is provided at the conference. If you happen to be in Vancouver as well, we’d love to see you there and please bring colleagues and friends who you think could be interested in joining FSLCI as a member or just like to learn about us!

      Kind regards,

      Martina (on behalf of the Board of Directors of the FSLCI)

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