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      As a community and member-based organization, one of our key objectives is to provide a platform for you, our members, to engage with one another. In addition, we seek to become a platform where you can develop and realize new project ideas. To this end, today we’re introducing a new mechanism which gives you the opportunity to propose your project ideas and implement them as an official FSLCI project.

      Project Submission Process:

      To structure this process a little bit, the Board of Directors decided during its last call, that the following procedure will apply:

      1. An official Call for Project Proposals will be announced via the newsletter and all other communication channels.
      2. All members have four weeks to propose a project idea and post a project abstract in the Project Pitch Forum.
      3. Afterwards, our Board of Directors will undertake a first screening of the project proposals.
      4. If the Board has no objections, members have another four weeks to find at least 3-5 interested FSLCI members that would also like to work on the project. Project leaders are also expected to come up with a work plan, a project timeline and an overview of required resources.
      5. Following this outreach period, the Board will review the revised project proposals that have managed to attract the support of at least 3-5 other members (depending on the project’s scope).
      6. If the Board has no objections, the project will be officially approved as an FSLCI project and a working group will be formally established.

      Expected Project Submission Details:

      We expect that an initial project proposal should be submitted as a project abstract which outlines the background of the project idea, the projects objective and ideally why it would fall under the scope of the FSLCI’s mission and vision.

      If the project proposal has been reviewed by the Board of Directors after its submission and no objection has been raised, we expect project leader to add to the project abstract a concrete project work plan, along with a timeline and expected resources to implement the project (both financially and team member wise).

      Project Proposal Review Process:

      Please note, the members of the Board of Directors will review each project proposal and assess, whether the project would fall within the scope of the FSLCI. The Board will also review, whether enough members have committed to work on the project to realize it, depending on the scope of the project. Finally the Board will consider whether sufficient support from the general membership to undertake and implement the project as an FSLCI project can be assumed.

      To this end we would like to highlight that projects will only be considered by the Board, if there is a realistic chance that the project can be realized with the support of the members that committed to work on it!

      We would also like to encourage you to submit your project proposal already in advance of the submission deadline to allow other members and the Board to already review the proposal and start discussing it. The earlier a proposal can be discussed, the better!

      Project Support:

      Successful projects will be supported by the FSLCI in a variety of ways. Beyond providing the technical infrastructure to coordinate the project, we will support project leaders in organizing workshops and any outreach activity. The FSCLI Executive Committee will also support any fundraising activities with their advice, experience and contacts, if funding for the project’s implementation is needed.

      Deadlines for Project Proposal Submissions in 2016:

      Deadlines for project proposal submissions are the following in 2016:

      • 15th of February
      • 15th of May
      • 15th of August
      • 15th of November

      If you happen to have any questions around the process, please post a comment below this entry!

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