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    Philip Strothmann posted in the group All Users

    1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Dear all,

    I hope I find you well. Today we are implementing a significant change on our Global Life Cycle Community Platform. To enhance the overall flow of information and create more value for everyone, we have changed the way you can interact with other users on our platform by introducing a weekly-digest of activities.

    This weekly-digest, which was previously only available for FSLCI members, is based on a new group to which we have now added all users which have an account on our platform, called „All Users”. As the default setting you will from now on receive a summary of all activities on a weekly basis. If you would like to change the email frequency, you can do so under „Email Options“ in the group.

    We invite you to use this new possibility to share for example interesting life cycle studies, use cases or policy guidelines with other users on our platform. We also encourage you to use the platform as a support forum for all things life cycle!

    In order to streamline the way to post on our platform, we have also changed the setting on our main Site-Wide Activity Stream. Whenever you post something there, it will be posted by default in the group „All users“ and thus also end up in the weekly-digest. We have described all changes in this short video clip for you:

    We look forward to opening a new chapter of information sharing with all of you and wish those of you who celebrate a Happy Easter time!

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