ActivityHome_VisualInformation is key. But if information is not being noticed, it’s not going to help you. Bearing this in mind, we’ve completely rethought the way that we would like you, our members, to interact with us and our content! Instead of having you navigate through our content in different sections and parts of our website, we’ve made an effort to aggregate all relevant information for you in one streamlined and easily accessible interface: The all new Activity Home!

The Activity Home works much like your facebook or linkedin timeline, but with less visual clutter. The left side provides you with an overview of what your fellow members are doing. You can decide, what you want to see and filter the timeline for specific content. More importantly though, we’ve developed an overview of what’s happening beyond our forums, which you can now see on the right hand side. You’ll see the latest news, our twitter feed, all relevant deadlines, upcoming events and open job postings.

To access the Activity Home, simply login and you’ll be directly forwarded to it. To make it even more convenient for you: As long as you don’t log-out, will automatically redirect to your Activity Home! As such, you can also click on our logo in the top bar to navigate back. In addition, we’ve introduced a couple of new menu items in the top bar. Simply click on the house icon to get back to the Activity Home, or click on the corresponding icons to view our members or access our forums directly. And if you would like to check your personal data or log out, simply click on the new menu icon in the top bar!

We hope you like the new Activity Home as much as we do and will continue to work on ensuring the best possible user experience for you! If you’ve not yet become a member, check out the little video below to get an idea about the all new Activity Home!


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