Today we would like to invite everyone teaching LCA in higher education to participate in brand new global survey on the subject. The survey is facilitated by our Working Group on LCA in Higher Education and is a follow-up to the open-access paper published by the working group earlier this year.

Survey responses and data will be used for the following purposes:

1) Gather data to be used for a forthcoming scientific paper on how LCA is taught around the world, and 

2) Create a global overview of institutions teaching LCA around the world on the FSLCI’s website, if permission is explicitly granted at the end of the survey. 

The survey takes between 10 – 20 minutes, depending on the level of detail that you are ready to provide and the extent to which you are involved in teaching LCA at your respective institution.

If you are teaching LCA, please be so kind to answer our survey and – ideally – also forward our survey to your colleagues. Creating this global overview will only be possible with the help of you and the LCA community, thus we rely on your support!

The survey can be accessed here.


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