Until the 23rd of November you can still submit your abstracts for the SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting, which is going to take place from 7–11 May 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.

Track 5 on Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Impact offers 9 sessions for which you can submit your abstracts. You can find detailed descriptions of these sessions here.

There is also a new session outside the traditional LCA track a that is trying to create academic cross-fertilization by attracting abstracts from both the LCA community and from researchers within the more fundamental sciences, e.g. studying system dynamics through concepts such as thresholds, resilience and (ir)reversibility.

The title of the session is “Advancing science and application of planetary boundaries and related ecological limits concepts to enable absolute sustainability assessments” and it is located in Track 7 on “Think-Outside-The-Box (fundamentally new concepts, innovative, controversial ideas”):


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