sri_logoEcoinvent has been mandated by Empa in Switzerland to carry out the Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) project component A: Life Cycle Inventories. SRI component A gathers and provides local LCI data for the assessment of agricultural and industrial activities through the enhancement of LCA expertise with the aim of providing freely available regionalized LCI data. SRI component A is funded by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) of Switzerland and operates across three regions with a focus on specific countries: South America (Brazil, Peru, Colombia), Southern Africa (South Africa), and Asia (India).

As part of the project, ecoinvent aims to subcontract the task of LCI data collection, dataset creation and submission to the ecoinvent database. The collected data shall belong to the following sectors and geography:

Tender 1: Latin America 2016: electricity generation and distribution (Submission Deadline extended to: Nov 6)

Tender 2: India 2016: Agriculture sector (Submission Deadline: Nov 4)

Tender 3: Latin America 2016: cement, concrete and related industries (Submission Deadline extended to: Nov 6)

Tender 4: South Africa 2016: Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (Submission Deadline: Nov 4)

Tender 5: Water supply and distribution (Submission Deadline extended to: Nov 13)

Tender 6: Modelling tool for agricultural activities (Submission Deadline: Nov 15)

The documents above provided the information around application requirements, evaluation criteria, budget, and the proposal submission procedure and deadlines.

There is a question and answer period for interested parties to submit questions related to the preparation and submission of the full proposal. All such inquiries should be directed to Amir Safaei, international project manager, through the email address [email protected] or Lucia Valsasina, data analyst, at [email protected].


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