Our friends from the International Life Cycle Academy have opened their call for nominations for the 2019 Academy Award. Academy awards are given to honour contributions of outstanding quality, within the last two years (incl. current year of the award), within the field of quantitative sustainability assessment, in the form of either conference presentations or scientific publications. Equal weight is given to scientific content and application/communication.

The award categories for 2019 are:

  • Best contribution to sustainable production
  • Best contribution to sustainable consumption
  • Best contribution to policy application of LCA

Nominations should be sent to [email protected] before July 15th 2019. Self-nominations are admitted, but must be accompanied by at least 1 external recommendation letter. Nominations should include:

  • Title, name and e-mail address of nominee
  • The Award category sought, among the ones listed above (min. 1, max. 2)
  • A motivation of maximum 10 lines of text
  • A copy of the conference presentation or scientific publication that the Award is sought for. Conference presentations must have been accepted for presentation at a conference between November 2017 and September 2019 and be accompanied by a copy of the confirmation letter. Scientific publications must be published on-line or in paper after October 2017.

See https://ilca.es/meetings-and-awards/academy-awards/awards-2017/ for the winners of the 2017 awards.


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