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      Sign up for the extraordinary General Assembly, meet us in Melbourne and help us refine principles for the life cycle community!
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      Dear *|FNAME|*,

      We hope we find you well. Today’s members’ newsletter is all about our engagement with you, our members! To this end we invite you to upcoming extraordinary General Assembly, to help us further refine a set of principles for the Life Cycle Community, to let us know which kind of webinars you would like us to organize and to join our Communications Committee. Read on to also learn what’s happening in the coming weeks!

      Kind regards,
      Jim, Guido and Philip

      1. Extraordinary General Assembly
      2. FSLCI @ ALCAS Conference Series & ICGSI 2015
      3. FSLCI Website & Webinars
      4. FSLCI Community Principles & Communication Committee
      5. New Partnership with [avnir]
      6. Other News

      Extraordinary General Assembly 

      As communicated last week, we will organize an extraordinary General Assembly on the 16th of November from 2 – 3pm CET. As outlined in the official invitation to the General Assembly, the main objective is for us to decide between the following two options:

      1. Option: Until the next General Assembly in 2016, the number of seats of the Board of Directors is changed to six.
      2. Option: The current Board of Directors shall organize a complete reelection process to fill the seventh seat.

      To participate, please sign up via the button below. If you won’t be able to participate remotely (call-in details will be provided ahead of the call), you can also delegate your vote to a fellow FSLCI member. To do so, please log into your account and fill out and sign this form, which you will have to attach to the registration form that you can access via the button below:

      Register to participate or delegate your vote!

      FSLCI @ ALCAS Conference Series & ICGSI 2015


      The last conference this year brings us to Australia. From the 23rd – 27th of November our friends from ALCAS will host their 2015 Conference Series. As part of the conference series the AgriFoodLCA, LCM Australia and AusBuildLCA will take place in Melbourne.
      The FSLCI will be represented by our CFOO Philip Strothmann, who is going to talk about the FSLCI in the morning plenary on the 25th of November, and Board Member Jodie Bricout. We will also be present with our little booth which has again proven to be very successful during the recent LCA XV conference in Vancouver.

      In addition to our presence in Melbourne, our Executive Director Jim Fava is currently present at the 5th International Conference on Green and Sustainable Innovation (ICGSI 2015) in Thailand. If you happen to be at one of these conferences, please make sure to engage with us!

      FSLCI Website & Webinars

      We are happy to report that new functionality has been added to the FSLCI website. For example, you are now able to search for FSLCI members based on their background or address – if an address has been added to their profile.

      To make this space a valuable resource for everyone, we encourage you to use our platform to engage with us and fellow members.

      To facilitate this process, our first webinar will be an interactive training session on the different elements of our website to help you get the best out of them. If you are interested in participating, please let us know via this doodle, which date would work best for you.

      We would also like to get your input on future webinar subjects by commenting on this forum entry. We can organise external presenters, or you are welcome to run webinars to share your knowledge with the rest of the FSLCI community.

      FSLCI Community Principles & Communication Committee


      As part of our effort to streamline communication around life cycle topics, a number of FSLCI members have jointly developed an initial draft for “Key Principles for Promoting Life Cycle Approaches”. Since the principles should reflect our collective understanding of what really matters, we would like to invite you today to help us refine and further develop them.

      You can find the current version of the principles here where you can edit the principles online and all changes will be kept. While you can introduce changes directly to the document, we would like to ask you to also provide explanatory comments on your changes in the comment section below the document.

      We are also launching the Communications Committee, which will coordinate communication about the FSLCI as well as support better communication about life cycle thinking generally. If you are interested, please let Ana and Jodie know by joining the Communication Group here.

      New Partnership with [avnir]


      We are happy to inform you that we have recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with [avniR]. [avniR] was established by cd2e in 2009 to provide a collaborative platform and a resource center that initiates and supports the economic transition of sectors throughout new development models based on Life Cycle Thinking in France.

      As with the previous edition, we’d also like to share the latest news with you on what’s happening in the broader life cycle space:

      If you have any news to share, please feel free to send them over to us: [email protected]

      Follow us also on



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