On 13/14 September 2021 the Jubilee LCA forum “Life Cycle Thinking = Lower Footprint?” (LCA Discussion Forum 78) will take place.

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is supposed to help tackle huge global environ­men­tal challenges. This is all the more important as the necessary improvements of our global environmental performance (climate, bio­diver­sity, water, toxics, etc.) and the global trends don’t yet match.

LCA alone cannot do the trick, but LCA can be considered an important tool, which supports economy and society to operate within planetary boundaries. But – is it?

This is what is meant to be discussed during DF 78:

  • Which big decisions made use of LCA and have lead to substantial absolute environmental improve­ments?
  • And what can we learn from these cases, in order to make LCA even more relevant? 

You are cordially invited – as presenter and/or participant, from industry, administration, science, or NGO – to present and discuss: 

  • How much does LCA really help in reducing pressure on the environment? 
  • Which important decisions were based on LC thinking and analysis? 
  • How can LCA become more effective for big & relevant issues? 

Keynote speeches of Kora Kristof, German UBA, Ion Karagounis, WWF Switzerland, and Josef Känzig, Swiss FOEN, will set the floor for an exciting two-day jubilee LCA forum, incl. a surprise evening get-together.

Interested to present? Submit your abstract until 15 March 2021 to [email protected] using this abstracts form. More information is available also in this flyer.


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