We’re happy to be able to announce that after many months of preparation, the first General Assembly to establish the Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation (FSLCI) took place on the 28th of January in Berlin. Following a lot of conversations over many months, mostly via phone or internet connections, the members of the Organizational Committee finally agreed to make the FSLCI a reality.

The charter has been developed over the past few weeks, revised multiple times and was finally accepted in early January. It stipulates that the FSLCI is governed by a Board of Directors, which is meant to represent not only stakeholders from different sectors, but also from various geographies around the world. In addition to the Board, the day-to-day work of the FSLCI will be undertaken by the Executive Committee.

On the 28th, most members of the Organizational Committee joined the meeting either in person, remotely or by delegation. The meeting was chaired by Philip Strothmann, who’s been leading the organizational and administrative preparatory work for the past few months. In his introduction he welcomed all members and explained that the objective of the General Assembly was to vote into office a provisional Board of Directors and Executive Office. To this end he highlighted that the next General Assembly will take place back to back the LCM Conference in Bordeaux on the 3rd of September, where a new Board of Directors and Executive Committee is to be voted into office for the full term of two years. Following this explanation, the present members then voted the provisional Board of Directors as well as the Executive Committee into office.

The Board of Directors then tasked the members of the Executive Committee to formally register the FSLCI with the German authorities. This process will take a few weeks and we will update you once the registration has been successful.


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