Board of Directors 2019

Today we are excited to announce that we have a new Board of Directors and Executive Committee, which will steer the FSLCI over the next few years!

During our General Assembly on the 2nd of September, our members elected a new Board of Directors, which recently elected its new Leadership Team. As such we are happy to inform you that Marzia Traverso and Pia Wiche will serve as President and Vice-President of the association in going forward. In this context we would also like to thank all outgoing Board members for their contribution and support over the past few years.

In addition, we are excited to inform you that for the first time since the launch of the FSLCI, our new Board of Directors has also appointed a new Executive Committee! The new Executive Committee will be composed out of Guido Sonnemann as the chair, and Martina Prox and Sanjeevan Bajaj as Vice-Chairs!

We would also like to thank our outgoing Chair of the Executive Committee, Jim Fava, for his tremendous work over the past few years. Jim was instrumental not only in setting up the FSCLI in 2015, but has also significantly contributed to the success of the association and helped establish the FSLCI as a globally recognized life cycle community organization. Jim, who was recently awarded with the Rita Schenck Lifetime Individual LCA Leadership Award, is transitioning – yet again 😉 to what he likes to call “Retirement in Training”, but will remain an active member of the FSLCI in going forward.

Meanwhile, Philip Strothmann will focus on his role as the Managing Director of the FSLCI and thus continue to work together with the new Executive Committee on all operational matters.

We look forward to shaping the future of the FSLCI under new leadership and invite all our members, partners and friends to support the new team on their mission of scaling up our great community organization to spread life cycle knowledge around the world.


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