Philip Strothmann (Managing Director, FSLCI) & Hans Peters (Chair of the Board of Directors, IBU)

Today we are thrilled to share with you that we recently welcomed three companies as new organizational FSLCI members to support the FSLCI in its mission and vision to promote life cycle innovation globally. The three companies are the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e. V., LOMARTOV and unfold consulting.

The Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU) is an association of building product manufacturers who have joined forces to operate an international environmental product declaration (EPD) program. The IBU is committed to sustainable building and believes that those who market their products as sustainable must also be able to prove this. This is precisely what the construction materials industry is doing in working with the IBU to create environment product declarations (EPD) – an internationally recognized and standardized tool for the sustainability certification of buildings.

IBU has been involved in LCA for over 40 years. In order to contribute our expertise and to be better connected with LCA experts worldwide, IBU decided to become a member of FSLCI e.V. The IBU expects from this an exciting exchange on topics around LCA and also insights into new developments on which we can then react early to create further service for our members.

In addition to IBU joining the FSLCI we are excited to join IBU as a supporting member ourselves. We are also pleased to announce that IBU has agreed to provide additional financial support for our work and future projects in the form of a reoccurring annual donation.

LOMARTOV is an Innovative Environmental Engineering SME, located in Valencia, Spain. Their mission is to provide high-qualified engineering consultancy services to help companies and R&D organizations in developing innovative and circular solutions, industrial, societal and technological projects to improve their environmental, economic, and social sustainability with a multidisciplinary and holistic approach. The team has a wide knowledge in materials, energy and industrial processes from an Ecodesign and sustainability perspective. Their activities bridge technology transfer, coaching and assessment, supporting both the upscaling and exploitation phase of the projects -INNOVA division-, and especially the assessment of the environmental, economic and social impacts of novel technology-based solutions, through Life Cycle Assessment approach, circular economy modeling, and methods from the social, economic and engineering sciences -SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS division-.

LOMARTOV is eager to join the FSLCI network in order to raise the capacity building of its team members and contribute to the knowledge and good practices exchanges under the topic of LCA and sustainability.

unfold consulting advises organizations on the topic of environment and sustainability. The two founders Vanessa Riepl and Lisa Ehm have made it their mission to give companies the tools they need to make better and more sustainable decisions. With lifecycle analysis at their core and the development of strategies towards sustainable development, they enable companies to understand, manage and communicate their individual footprint at product and organizational levels. In doing so, they support companies from different industries to make fact-based decisions and actions and accompany organizations with scientifically based methods and current standards on the way to a more sustainable future.

We are convinced that cooperation is one of the basic building blocks for solving the challenges of our time. That is why we work together with partners from different sectors to unleash the greatest possible potential for a more sustainable future. We are therefore very pleased to be a member of FSLCI and to jointly use synergies and further develop life cycle assessments.

We are really excited to welcome the three companies to the FSLCI and look forward to collaborating with them going forward. If you would also like to join the FSLCI either as an individual or organizational member, you can find out more about your membership options here.


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