In order to develop 3 national database roadmaps in different countries and to further develop the Technical Helpdesk for National LCA Databases, the Life Cycle Initiative is calling for proposals from academia (Research Institutes and Universities), NGOs and Not-for-Profit Organisations (NPOs). The proposal submission deadline is 14th of August and the project will be implemented between 01.09.2018 and 31.07.2019.

In order for governments to be able to make the best decisions in terms of environmental, social and economic impacts, the right tools and data allowing for a consideration of all life cycle aspects need to be available. Therefore, availability of the LCA data is crucial to achieve Sustainable Production and Consumption. However, availability of data is still a challenge in many countries as it is either not available at all or needs to be further developed. As a part of a project called Resource Efficiency through Application of Life cycle thinking (REAL) this problem will be addressed by the following activities:

1) Developing three national LCA database roadmaps through:

   a) Identification of 3 key target countries

   b) Identification of relevant national stakeholders and facilitating the national consensus through a stakeholders engagement process.

   c) Database roadmap development and/or concrete database development, depending on the country’s stage, in 3 countries through stakeholder engagement, training workshops and other required activities.

2) Further developing the Technical Helpdesk for National LCA Databases for the purpose of LCA database roadmapping exercises as well as for providing support on database development and management to national stakeholders.

Proposals should be done by filling out this form and addressing it to Kristina Bowers, Programme Officer, UN Environment

For further information, please check here


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