How to embed environmental sustainability: The role of dynamic capabilities and managerial approaches in a life cycle management perspective

Volumen:  Volume 31   |  Pages:  312 - 325   |  Year of Publication:  2021  | License:  CC BY 4.0

What is the objective?

The article aims to understand how internal capabilities and managerial approaches influence the probability of an organization embedding LCM within its operations, given the level of barriers organizations face.

Our Short Summary.

The study identified how internal capabilities and managerial approaches influence the probability of an organization embedding LCM within its operations. For this purpose, the study conducted an empirical survey of 187 Italian medium and large manufacturing enterprises. The concept model was based on four profiles, considering organizational barriers and levels of willingness to adopt LCM strategies. The authors concluded that firms could spot environmental opportunities for innovation and LCM embeddedness by combining sensing and seizing capabilities with an integrative approach.

Why you should read it!

This study gives information to business stakeholders and researchers interested in the application of LCM in medium and large enterprises. In addition, this study contributes to the growing debate on the managerial approach to corporate sustainability.

Original Abstract

Life cycle management (LCM) is a managerial framework to embed a holistic environmental sustainability logic inside organizations. Despite its long tradition, the implementation of LCM is little explored. In this study we observe how sensing, seizing, and reconfiguring capabilities together with managerial approaches to environmental sustainability help organizations embed LCM in their practices. We performed a multinomial logistic regression using a sample of 187 medium and large enterprises. Our findings show that sensing and seizing capabilities and an integrative approach to sustainability help embed LCM in presence of complex environments. Among dynamic capabilities, reconfiguring does not appear to help organizations embed LCM. This study contributes to the literature on LCM and dynamic capabilities.


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