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      — The following ideas were developed during the communications workshop on the 3rd of September in Bordeaux, France —

      We need to improve how we sell ourselves

      • Provide communication training for FSLCI members (e.g. by webinars, or sharing existing tools)
      • Develop sales/marketing arguments
      • Develop common rules/ good practice to present
      • Develop easy, colourful PowerPoint presentation on what Life Cycle thinking is about

      Some general aspects to remember

      • Use emotional push/pull e.g. stewardship/responsibility
      • Translation of materials to key/relevant/all (??) languages

      Some specific projects to consider

      • Create a global LC Thinking day – members to share what they plan to do/did to promote LC thinking
      • Develop Games
        • Serious or not serious
        • Target audience(s): public, designers…
        • Depending on region, language

      Ideas for how to move forward

      • Survey- ask a much wider audience what they think is needed for whom
      • Roadmap of next steps to promote LCA (who, what, where, when)
      • Develop an activity marketplace (inspirational toolbox?) for FSLCI members to propose/get involved in activities… careful not to reinvent what others are doing
      • Identify/articulate FSLCI’s communication tiers and stakeholders, for example:
        • Product designers/engineers
        • Business leadership
        • Marketing and sales
        • Policy developers
        • Sourcing professionals
        • Suppliers, customers and consumers

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