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      Dear all,

      On behalf of the president of the Board of Directors I’m happy to be able to provide you with all relevant information for the upcoming General Assembly on Wednesday. The General Assembly will take place in room (to be announced) of the Palais des Congrès de Bordeaux from 5 – 7pm.

      Now, due to the fact that this General Assembly is primarily meant to replace the provisional Board of Directors, which has thankfully served up to now, we’ve decided to tighten the agenda a bit to also leave some room for open discussions at the end of the formal part, which is reflected in the agenda below:

      1. Welcome by the President of the Board of Directors (17:00 – 17:05)
      2. Overview of the FSLCI‘s activities & financial status (17:05 – 17:20)
      3. Discharge of the current Board of Directors (17:20 – 17:30)
      4. Election of the new Board of Directors (17:30 – 18:00)
      5. Election of the Cash Auditor (18:00 – 18:05)
      6. Decision on changes of the charter (18:05 – 15:20)
      7. Approval of the allowances policy (18:20 – 18:25)
      8. Closure and Outlook (18:25 – 18:30)

      Afterwards we will have half an hour to discuss more general questions about the FSLCI and some time to reflect on the FSLCI’s presence during the LCM 2015 conference.

      Below you find a number of documents relevant to the individual agenda items:

      1. A report on the FSLCI’s activities since its launch and its financial status
      2. A document explaining the proposed changes to the charter
      3. The FSLCI’s allowances policy

      In addition and as already communicated previously, all candidates for the Board of Directors have kindly updated their profile and also provided a statement of motivation. You can find the list of candidates with direct links to their profile here!

      The election of the new Board of Directors will follow a two-step process:

      1. Vote on number of seats to be filled
      2. Vote on candidates

      The first vote will be a simple majority vote based on members present. For the second vote every member will have as many votes as seats will have been determined during the first decision. Votes will be casted anonymously and the seats will be filled based on a ranking of candidates with the most votes casted for them.

      Members who cannot be present in Bordeaux have two alternative options to participate:

      1. Participation through remote connection

      Every member who won’t be in Bordeaux can participate via a remote connection. Please ensure that you have a stable internet connection and that your audio and video equipment is operational, so we can check your eligibility to participate as a member of the FSLCI in the General Assembly. We will provide call-in details ahead of the meeting in Bordeaux. For those who will participate remotely, we will use the service provided by https://www.adoodle.org to ensure that your votes are casted anonymously.

      2. Vote through the power of attorney

      Every member can delegate his vote to another member, who will be present in Bordeaux. To do so, please use a signed and scanned version of the corresponding form, which you can find here. Please note, in line with our charter §6 clause 7, members are only allowed to represent the votes of a maximum of three additional members.

      If you plan on participating in the General Assembly in one way or the other and haven’t informed us yet about it, please register now using this form: https://podio.com/webforms/12055814/830386

      Finally I would like to note that the President and the Vice-President of the Board of Directors will be voted upon by the newly elected Board of Directors during their first official Board Meeting. During this Board Meeting the newly elected Board of Directors will also decide about the next Executive Committee.

      If you have any questions concerning the General Assembly, please feel free to get in touch with me during LCM 2015 or shoot me an email. You can also reply to this post.

      We look forward to welcoming you to Bordeaux and our General Assembly soon!

      Kind regards,

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