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      — The following ideas were developed during the communications workshop on the 3rd of September in Bordeaux, France —

      Ideas Specific to certain target groups


      • Providing PowerPoint’s, background information and other materials useful for learning for education (university down to primary school)
      • Promote LC education at high-school level > vulgarisation and simplification of LCA for adolescents

      Encourage LC career paths

      • Testimonials of LC professionals to “humanise” the profession and attract students
      • Make LC career paths visible (possible studies, CV stories)

      For consumers

      • Create a “LCT meter” tool for individuals to assess their impact and evaluate how their everyday choices can improve their performance
      • Explain indicators with examples of impacts that are related to them with key numbers

      For business

      • LCA working group info for businesses (who needs to talk to whom)
      • Exchange platform for businesses to get open questions answered by academia

      For “complementary” communities: sustainability, circular economy etc.

      Put LCT in other communities’ agenda and describe why e.g. the role of LCT in circular economy, cradle to cradle…

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