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      — The following ideas were developed during the communications workshop on the 3rd of September in Bordeaux, France —

      A clear priority: Case studies

      Most participants indicated that this is a real necessity, and many have started to regroup their own case studies

      • Best case of LC approaches applied in different target areas: Governments, SMEs, industry
      • Find case studies with “surprising” or counter-intuitive results
      • Show side effects (such as economic resources)
      • Demonstrate creation of value and business benefits of LC approaches, e.g. increased turnover, but also environmental and social
      • Regional examples important (Brazil, Japan…)
      • Sector specific examples (food, building…), with reference to key environmental indicators of each sector
      • National scale examples e.g. of introducing environmental information/labelling like energy passports on buildings, energy/emission for cars, other products (France) Pop
      • Example showing why only one environmental metric could drive incorrect decisions (like recycling, or CO2)
      • Publish “success stories” in different forums outside the LC community: SCP 10YFP clearinghouse, world bank…

      Runner up for quick wins: Testimonials/quotes

      • Source quotes from business or government leaders on why to take a LC approach
      • Involve stars!! Obama, Gore, Yunus…
      • Quotes and logos from FSLCI members
      • Testimonials of LC professionals to “humanise” the profession and attract students
      • Short interviews with members on homepage

      …Other communication tools to consider developing for our “toolbox”

      • Manual: how to explain Life Cycle Perspective/Thinking to a 5 year old
      • Infographics targeting general publics, consumers…
      • Info on LC tools/approaches
      • A graphic to explain how LCA/LCT is integrated – links with carbon footprint, environmental labelling, circular economy etc. to introduce LCT to people who are familiar with other sustainability concepts
      • Information about LC tools (especially free, online) with good quality short description on how to use and limitations with link (how to use= comparison, b2b or b2c, internally for process optimisation or external communication, scope – product/region/service)
      • Geographical section on website; zoom on what is going on in that part of the world

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