FSLCI_CardsAfter quite and intense few last days with various last minutes technical challenges, we’re now officially live. It’s been quite a long journey from the initial idea to realization, but we really hope that the hard work will pay out and that we will actually be able to deliver on our vision soon; to become the global voice of the life cycle community! Because it took us a few days longer to go live, the early bird discount will be valid until the 15th of May. Afterwards the rebate is going to be set to the May rebate of 25%.

Before reaching out to wider audiences to promote life cycle thinking, our first priority is to connect with you, the life cycle community. To allow you to get to know us, we will be present in one way or the other in pretty much all upcoming conferences. We just got our little cards from the printing shop which are now ready to be distributed. We will be in Barcelona at the SETAC Europe Meeting next week and look forward to meeting you and discuss your ideas for our community. Join us now, collaborate and co-create!


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