FSLCI_Event_2015_47A good three weeks have already passed since our Inaugural Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation took place in Bordeaux, right after the LCM conference. While we’re still working on the follow-up of that event as well as LCM 2015 as a whole, we would like to share with you today some impressions from the event itself, which you can find in the gallery below.

We would also like to thank everyone who participated and made this morning such a great experience for us. Looking at the pictures, we’re still absolutely amazed by the fantastic spirit that was in the room and the many great ideas that have come out of our workshops. To this end we look very much forward to continue the engagement with everyone who was in Bordeaux, but of course also with everyone else who would like to work with us on spreading the word.

Finally and most importantly we would like to thank our presenters and panelists. Judging from the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we owe a big thank you to Allan Jensen, Chalaka Fernando, Pia Wiche & Rodney Irwin who did provide us all with great insights and made this event an interesting experience with a lot to take away from!

We’re really happy that our first event was so positively received and will look into the possibility of organizing similar events in going forward!



Pictures: Pia Wiche, Martina Prox & Philip Strothmann


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