LCM_BookDuring the recent LCM Conference in Bordeaux a new book on Life Cycle Management by our own Guido Sonnemann and Manuele Margni was published. The book is now available through Springer’s Open Access platform and provides many interesting cases and insights around applying Life Cycle Management. Or as Springer puts it:

“This book provides insight into the Life Cycle Management (LCM) concept and the progress in its implementation. LCM is a management concept applied in industrial and service sectors to improve products and services, while enhancing the overall sustainability performance of business and its value chains. In this regard, LCM is an opportunity to differentiate through sustainability performance on the market place, working with all departments of a company such as research and development, procurement and marketing, and to enhance the collaboration with stakeholders along a company’s value chain. LCM is used beyond short-term business success and aims at long-term achievements by minimizing environmental and socio-economic burden, while maximizing economic and social value.”

In this context it is worth noting that the book contains an entire chapter written by our own Philip Strothmann, Jodie Bricout, Guido Sonnemann and Jim Fava on “Communication and Collaboration as Essential Elements for Mainstreaming Life Cycle Management” which essentially provides a good understanding as to why the FSLCI has been established and where we seek to go!


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