GA_BoDAfter an amazing LCM2015 conference, our General Assembly convened on Wednesday afternoon to elect a new Board of Directors into office. Sanjeevan Bajaj, our outgoing President welcomed the 40 present members to the General Assembly and reported on the activities of the FSLCI since its launch and its financial status.

After the members had unanimously voted to discharge the interim Board of Directors, members discussed how many seats on the Board of Directors should be filled. According to our charter, up to 16 people can be voted into office for a term of two years. However, members made the case that a number of seats should not be filled yet to leave more room for representatives from other regions/sectors, which were not yet represented among the 13 candidates that had put their candidacy forward. As such members voted with a clear majority to fill seven seats for the time being.

Afterwards each of the 13 candidates had the chance to provide a short statement of motivation for his candidacy. Taking into account also votes casted through the power of attorney, a total of 45 of our members participated in the vote of the new Board of Directors.

As a result, we are excited to announce today that the following members have been voted into office to serve as the new Board of Directors:

  • Ana Quiros
  • Anne-Marie Boulay
  • Chalaka Fernando
  • Jodie Bricout
  • Martina Prox
  • Masahiko Hirao
  • Stephan Krinke

We will update our corresponding section on the website soon to provide you with a bit more detailed information on each of the new members of the Board. We are excited to work with them to shape the FSLCI’s future! The Board of Directors will convene for the first time this Friday to determine its chair and vice-chair and appoint a new Executive Committee. It will also take the first strategic decisions and set-up a number of Committees to organize our work in going forward. We’ll keep you posted!

Some impressions from the General Assembly below.


GA_Voting GA_People



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