FSLCIatLCMSince this morning, our summer school is already under way. Students from around the world have come together to better understand the link between life cycle approaches and sustainable regional development. At the same time, we’re quite busy preparing our presence here at LCM 2015 in Bordeaux.

FSLCI to host plenary session!

On Monday morning (11:00 – 12:30) we are going to host the second plenary session on the “Enhancing collaboration and communication towards mainstreaming LCM”. The session will be an interactive panel discussion and we really look forward to an interesting conversation. The panel will be moderated by our Executive Director Jim Fava, who will welcome the following panelists:

– Anne-Marie Boulay (WULCA)

– Martina Prox (FSLCI & ifu Hamburg)

– Peter Salinger (BASF)

– Sanjeevan Bajaj (FICCI & FSLCI)

– William Flanagan (GE & ACLCA)

Visit us at our booth!

We will also have a booth in the exhibition area where we not only look forward to telling you a little bit more about the FSLCI, but more importantly, will ask you to provide us with ideas on how you would like to see us moving forward. As a community organization, we want to get as much input from you as possible so as to ensure that in going forward we will be responding to your needs.

General Assembly will determine new Board of Directors.

On Wednesday evening, right after the Closing Ceremony of the LCM 2015, we will have our General Assembly where a new Board of Directors will be voted into office. The General Assembly is the principal organ of the FSLCI to govern and take strategic decisions, as outlined in our charter here. The General Assembly is only open to our own members, but if you sign up during the conference, you’re more than welcome to participate and will also have the chance to determine our new Board of Directors.

Inaugural Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation on Thursday

On Thursday we look forward to welcoming you to our special back-to-back event: The Inaugural Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation. We are really excited about this opportunity to actually work with you on a number of interesting questions, such as for example on the question of how to better link with the management accounting community. This workshop is co-organized with our friends from the WBCSD and results of the workshop will be presented during the forthcoming WBCSD-EMAN International Sustainability Accounting Conference.

We really look forward to welcoming you in Bordeaux! Have a good trip and make sure to drop by at our booth in the exhibition area!



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