UN Environment’s Life Cycle Initiative has launched two new tools to advance Sustainable Consumption and Production, based on life cycle thinking.

Together with the One Planet Network and the International Resource Panel, the Life Cycle Initiative developed the Hotspot Analysis Tool for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP-HAT) to help countries identify hotspot areas. The tool is publicly available at no cost and has been piloted in Argentina, Ivory Coast and Kazakhstan.

It has three modules:

  • Country Profile module: this provides key information on country’s environmental performance.
  • SCP Hotspots module: this provides sustainable consumption and production (CP) indicators to analyse hotspots of unsustainable CP at country and sector levels.
  • National Data Systems module: this allows inserting national data to receive more tailored results.

“For a long time, we have known that we need to change the way we produce and consume goods and services to make better use of the planet’s natural resources. Now we have a tool that pinpoints where we need to be taking action if we want to make truly impactful change,” said Ligia Noronha, Director of UN Environment’s Economy Division.

Another tool launched is an introductory course on Life Cycle Thinking which helps users get started on the concept of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and gain an understanding of how life cycle approaches can support decision-making in any sustainability context. The module provides an overview on which life cycle approaches and tools are most suitable for business, policy and consumer perspective. The module is accessible for free and available in EnglishSpanishFrench and Arabic.


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