O-LCA_ReportAs a result of a two year long process under the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative‘s flagship project 1c on Organisation LCA, the newly published “Guidance on Organizational Life Cycle Assessmentis now available for download. As a next step, the guidance document is meant to be tested within 10 organization as part of a road test.

Organizational life cycle assessment (O-LCA) uses a life cycle perspective to compile and evaluate the inputs, outputs and potential environmental impacts of the activities associated with the provision of an organization’s product portfolio. O-LCA includes not only the facilities of the organization but also upstream and downstream activities. This methodology is capable of serving multiple goals at the same time, like identifying environmental hotspots throughout the value chain, tracking environmental performance over time, supporting strategic decisions, and informing corporate sustainability reporting.

The next step is to road test the guidance document in about 10 real organizations. By applying Organizational LCA to those organizations the project leaders aim to proof the potential of the methodology, add more experiences and promote its further use, and test the clarity of the document. The first proposal of calendar for this third phase is presented in the following. The dates are tentative and will be agreed with each road tester according to their characteristics:

• May 2015: call is open until the end of the month.
• June 2015: selection of road testers and kick-off online meeting.
• 6-9 months: apply the methodology. Regular meetings with secretariat.
• Spring 2016: First feedback and results. Leaflet.

For more information on the project and road test, please visit the project website.


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