Key Features: 

Analysis of Groups, Interactive Tree View, Library Switch, Monte Carlo Analysis, Multi-User Version with Shared Database, Scenario Analysis (Parameters)

Quick Summary

Assessment Capabilities: Carbon Footprint, EPD, Hot Spot Analysis, LCA, Water Footprint

Software Type: Application Based, Cloud Based, Desktop software

Operating Systems: Windows, Windows 7 or higher

System Requirements: 10 GB Disk Space, 4GB RAM

Software License: Annual Subscription, Educational, Lifelong License

Visual Modeling: Graphical Modeling

Data Import: .csv, .txt, Excel, SimaPro format

Data Export: .csv, .txt, Excel, SimaPro format

Developer: PRé Sustainability

Short Description

SimaPro has been the world’s leading life cycle assessment (LCA) software package for 30 years. It is trusted by industry and academics in more than 80 countries. SimaPro was developed to help you effectively apply your LCA expertise to drive change – to provide the facts needed to create sustainable value.

SimaPro is available as a desktop version with an option to use cloud-based modules. With the included databases and consistent methodology, you can easily zoom in on your results in all the different stages of life cycle assessment. A wide variety of add-ons and reporting features makes it easy to be fully conscious of the choices you make in doing your LCA studies and to address the concerns of your colleagues. This way, the departments in your company can actually use the insights you provide to change your products’ life cycle for the better and improve your company’s positive impact.

Database Access


Agri-footprint is a high quality life cycle inventory (LCI) database for the agriculture and food sector.

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