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Webinar Presenters & Description

Prof. Guido Sonnemann

Professor at the University of Bordeaux

FSLCI Executive Committee Member

[email protected]

The webinar by our Executive Committee member Guido Sonnemann will cover an introduction on how to integrate criticality into LCA. It will present what criticality assessment of resources is, point out a concept how to integrate it and show an example on how to operationalize this integration for the example of geopolitical supply risk.

Guido is the author of over 100 publications on LCA and related matters according to Google Scholar. He is full professor in sustainable chemistry at the University of Bordeaux where he leads a research group on LCA. He is the co-chair of the last LCM 2015 Conference and  the flagship project on LCA Data and databases from the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative. Before joining the University of Bordeaux he was UNEP`s scientific focal point for resource efficiency and program officer for sustainable innovation.

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  1. Rebecca LeBlanc 6 years ago

    This was GREAT!! Explaining to clients the importance of identifying/describing specific supply-chains can be difficult. The assumption is the supply is unlimited. Not the case! Thanks so much for providing an organized approach to this problem.

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