We are happy to invite you today to apply for our upcoming Summer School on ‘Life cycle approaches for sustainable regional development’. This Summer School is an opportunity for professionals and regional managers to become more familiar about how to extend traditional life cycle tools into new application areas in sustainable development.  The objective is to encourage expanded LCA use by influential social partners who have not so far employed these techniques extensively.  This includes regional institutions, research teams and industrial associations that wish to enhance the effectiveness of their sustainability initiatives. It is also aimed at life cycle professionals and academics interested in broadening their client base by offering new applications.

The 2017 edition of the summer school will explore topics such as LCA approaches that address broader sustainability issues, mapping regional materials flows, agent-based LCA for mobility, life cycle techniques for landscape and land-use, as well as circular economy and building a LCM toolbox for SMEs.  These instruments will be examined also for their role in strengthening regional programmes in circular economy and in building a bio-economy.  The summer school uses an interactive programme structure based on lectures, workshops, cases studies and role-plays to explore the key issues. The Summer School draws on a recent book Life cycle approaches to sustainable regional development (2017)”.  A number of the summer school lecturers are authors of important chapters in this publication.

In addition to the Summer School, a preliminary 1-day refresher course on life cycle assessment will also be offered for a small extra fee. This year’s Summer School is held at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, back to back with the International Conference on Life Cycle Management 2017,  3-6 September 2017. This summer school is co-organized by the FSLCI and the LCASRD Group.

More information is available here: https://fslci.org/events/lcss2017/


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