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Webinar Presenters & Description


Dr. Sanjeevan Bajaj

Adviser | Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)

FSLCI member

[email protected]


Dr. James Fava

Executive Director | FSLCI

Chief Strategist | Anthesis

[email protected] or [email protected]

Sustainability has become an established field in the past 30 years, but too much of our activity as practitioners is busy work without as much impact as we need to have to drive necessary change.  We often generate large amounts of data which often sits in a computer somewhere, or is reviewed by the project team but does not contribute to change. Without change these is little to no improvements in the sustainability of product systems.  

The purpose of this webinar is to present current perspectives on the current status of use of life cycle information to create change, thus impact and value.  Jim Fava, Executive Director for FSLCI and Sanjeevan Bajaj will bring their many years experience with application of life cycle information from a North America, European and Indian perspectives.  Examples will be used to demonstrate applications of life cycle information.  

For example, we will discuss the experiences of Johnson & Johnson, BASF, CDP reporting, etc. The Webinar will conclude with a discussion of success factors which – if utilized by a company – will greatly influence that ability of the company to realize impact and value. For example, identification and engagement of key actors who have authority to take action right from the start,  embedding tools into existing practice practices, focusing on a prioritized list of hot spots, and developing a system to measure actual impacts and value (often much longer after the information is generated). 

We will use a combination of presentation materials, interactive conversations among the speakers and audience to answer the question; How best can life cycle information create positive impact and business value?

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